Doing what God wants (Matthew 2:14) – George Rogers Clark

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Matthew 1-4)

“So he got up, took the child and his mother, during the night and left for Egypt.”  Matthew 2:14

What lessons are there for me from this Scripture?

Joseph got the word to go to Egypt – he obeyed.  Joseph later got the word to leave Egypt – he obeyed.  Great role model!

What better place for me to be than where He wants me to be.  Even if that place is difficult I have the comfort of knowing that He is with me in that spot.

The trouble starts when I ignore Him and choose my own way instead.  Why should I expect His blessing then?  When I realize that I’m off on my own self-guided course I should: (1) admit it was a mistake, (2) pray to Him for forgiveness, (3) ask forgiveness from any others involved, and (4) get where He wants me to be.  I could also get pointers from the book of Jonah.

“I am in Christ.  This is the place God has given me.  I accept it.  Here I rest.  I do now abide in Jesus.” – prayer suggested by writer Andrew Murray.

George Rogers Clark was born on November 19th.  God gave him the opportunity to explore.

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