Where my help must come from

o19“Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless.”  Psalm 108:12

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Job 5 & Psalm 108 & Acts 10-11)

David gets it right!

David acknowledges that the best help he can possibly have to use against an enemy is from God.

I can conjure up all sorts of self-help and elsewhere-help but by far the best help is God‘s help.

God’s help is what I must seek first.  There are so many stories of God helping those who belong to Him.  God’s help will always be exactly what is needed.

I believe that if I pray before I get medical help, God will intervene on my behalf with those who provide the medical help.  The medical staff will be given His Wisdom even though they haven’t sought it.  It has been sought already by me.

If I seek medical help apart from God, I am at the mercy of the medical help.  There may be good results but God is aware that I have left Him out and trusted someone else.  That someone else is a counterfeit idol.  God is a jealous God.

“Lord, there is no one worthy of trust other than You.  You are everything.  Forgive me for serving counterfeit idols.  I know better!  Prick my conscience when I am straying from You.  I never want to do that.  Saturate me with You.  Flood out the sludge.  Overturn the tables in my life that are covered with worthless pursuits.  I cling to You, Lord!”

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