Look where you’re going!

d5“Turn my eyes away from worthless things.” Psalm 119:37

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Psalm 119:1-80 & Ephesians 5-6)

Pre-electronics it was much easier to avoid visual sinning. Now you can dial into trouble even if you’re not intending to dial into it!

This verse is another example of the Scriptures never being out-of-date. Visual sinning is an enormous problem in our day.

The first Scripture that comes to mind regarding this verse is the one where I’m told that if I lust with my eyes I’ve committed adultery in my heart. God knows my heart. I need to look in Godly love.

I have to stay away from channel surfing. It helps me if I use the Guide on the remote and decide in advance what I will look at. Surfing through channels opens up too many opportunities to view “worthless things.” My viewing has now been reduced to sports, Hallmark, and the news.

My relationship to God must be tight. The 24/7 variety. In that relationship I will be mindful of Him and alerted to the spiritual quality of what I’m looking at. The clicker has an OFF button!

“Lord, I need to be filled with Your Holy Spirit full-time. I dare not venture into anything apart from You. Please guide me into, or out of, things as You deem them suitable or unsuitable for me. I love You, Father!”

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