Trust Him

d18“The man took Jesus at his word….” John 4:50

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – John 2-4)

What a role model the man in this verse is!

He makes the twenty mile trip to Cana from Capernaum to plead with Jesus to come back with him and heal his son.  Jesus, by implication, tells him that He doesn’t need to go to Capernaum in order to heal the man’s son.

The man takes Jesus at His Word, “Go, your son will live,” and departs.  Remarkably, to me, the man doesn’t immediately make the four hour journey back home to check on his son.  Instead he goes somewhere overnight and the next day is intercepted by his servants telling him that his son was okay.

The man confirms his suspicions after asking when the boy became well.  Sure enough, it was exactly when Jesus told him, from twenty miles away, that the boy would live.  The good news about who Jesus was and what He had done caused the man’s family to become believers.

What is the level of my faith?  Will I also take Jesus at His Word the way the man in this story did?  When things aren’t going well, will I trust in His promises?  Do I understand that my sense of what God should do is not even in the same ballpark as His sense of timing?

“Father, forgive me for my lack of faith in You.  Give me the faith that the man in this story exhibited.  You have been faithful and always will be faithful.  Your Word never fails.  Open up all the areas of my life to Your Holy Spirit.  Fill my heart with You so that the overflow of my heart will be Godly.  I love You, Lord.”

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