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ja24“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him and he disappeared from their sight.”  Luke 24:31

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Exodus 9-11 & Luke 24)

The eyes of these two men were not physically shut.  They could see but they couldn’t really see.  Jesus was physically with them but their usual eyesight wasn’t adequate to know that it was Him.

The verse adds that “their eyes were opened.”  This was not something the two men did on their own.  God gave them the “special” vision.

Reminds me of Elisha and his servant.  Elisha could see that although there was a large enemy army nearby there also was the army of God nearby.  Elisha could see that army of God.  The servant couldn’t.  Later Elisha asks God to reveal to the servant His army and it happens.

My “normal” senses are going to miss plenty.  However, God can enable me to “sense” better, even to sense as He does.  On my own I “see through the glass dimly.”

I need His touch to my senses.  I’ll use Elisha as my role model: He asked and it was done.  Therefore, I ask and it will be done.  Think of all the Scripture where believers are chided because “they ask not.”  May that not be true of me.

“Lord, I need You.  Open me up to a clearer estimation of what is actually happening around me.  My sensitivities are dull.  I am sure that I am missing so much.  Forgive me for not asking for Your help.  I do ask now.  Grant me, as You did Elisha’s servant, a Godlier estimation of my surroundings.  You are a great God with limitless possibilities.  I crave more of You.  Help me, I beg!”

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