Follow the Leader – Leviticus 7:22

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Say to the Israelites…….” Leviticus 7:22

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Leviticus 7-9 & Acts 15)

Leviticus is hard reading but there is an important underlying thought: God has specific things He wants us to do.

How easy it is to assume the mind of God.  I set out on things and then decide to invite God along.  That cart-before-the-horse approach is a joke!

As I read Leviticus I come across many examples of God speaking and the Israelites acting…… that order.  It’s not the other way.

My life must be led in steady alignment with God.  There can be no intentional ventures into independent living.

If I am close to God then I will hear His voice.  There won’t be other distracting voices getting my attention.

The world is filled with distracting possibilities.  I must not let their voices be what I’m tuned in to.

Is anything consuming my attention that is not Godly?  I believe that I can bring Godly into the world but I also believe that I can become godless in the midst of godlessness.  I have to ride into the world spiritually armed and dangerous!

“Lord, I fear separation from You.  I fear coming to points in the day where You are not in the midst I’m in.  Protect me, Father, from waywardness.  I love You and never want to be apart from You.  Help me to saturate myself in You whether reading or praying or any other activity that You are in the midst of.  I need You, Lord.”

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