Moses obeys God

“So Moses counted them, as he was commanded by the word of the Lord.”  Numbers 3:16

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Numbers 3-4 & Acts 25)

Moses is a positive role model in this verse.

God tells Him to count the Israelites and he goes about doing it.

I must also do the Will of God, but how do I know what that Will is?  I believe that God gives insights to those who are living close to Him.  It may be through a sermon, song, Scripture and assorted other possibilities.

I find that on occasion an insight will be dropped into my thoughts on something I should do or an elaboration on some of my thinking.

Today I was confronted with a thought about representing God in my midst.  It became clear to me that I need to hear and see, in my midst, as God does and would.  I realized that despite wanting God in my midst I was failing to realize that God is in the midst in me.  The insight helped me clarify my Godly responsibilities in a new way.

“Lord, I thank You for insights.  I need them.  I want to live to please You.  Help me to see and listen as a representative of You in my midst.  Forgive me for lessening my responsibilities.  You are my God.  I love You, Father.”

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