Don’t you remember?

“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?” Mark 8:18

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Numbers 28-29 & Mark 8)

Jesus has just taken little food and miraculously turned it into food for 4000 people.

Somehow this recent event has not impacted the overall thinking of many including the disciples. Their sense of history is severely lacking.

Jesus peppers the disciples with a series of rhetorical questions some included in today’s chosen verse. There won’t be answers given!

How easy for me it is to read the stories and to note how out-of-tune His closest followers are. I need to be very careful when I start to think that way because my own senses often draw a blank when it comes to understanding God.

How? Often I forget what God has done for me. Often I see a blue sky and forget the Creator. My car works and I fail to thank the God who enabled it to work. So I miss the past but not only that I miss the present. The same God that the disciples knew is my God. He’s with me as I write this. He is not just a God of 2000 years ago. He’s here in my midst and I can rejoice in that fact.

My memory must be filled with Him. I must be filled with stories of what He has done. I must rejoice that He is in my life and that all things can be faced in His strength.

“Lord, I want Your Words to be my words. Forgive me for down-sizing Your importance. Open my eyes and ears to You in my midst. Open my mind to recollections of Your greatness. You are not limited but even if You don’t give me what I want I will not forsake You….I write that in Your strength because on my own it is impossible. I love You, Lord.”

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