Too rich to need God?

“’ How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!’” Mark 10:23

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Numbers 32-33 & Mark 10)

How easy it is to be distracted from God.

The problem for the rich is that they are into their wealth at the expense of being “into” God. They assume that their wealth will be the solution to problems they face. God is fallback when things get really bad.

There is also the question of how important the wealth is to us. The man in a story earlier in Mark 10 is wealthy. He appears to be looking for a pat on the back from Jesus when he tells Jesus that he has followed His commandments since he was a kid. But Jesus bursts the man’s bubble by telling him to sell everything he has and then rejoin Him. The man retreats probably thinking that he could do anything but that. His wealth was too important to him.

Anything that separates me from trusting God is like the wealth of the man in this story. I dare not think lightly of him. Is my family more important? How about my job? Anything that I trust besides God is a counterfeit god.

“Lord, all that I have is sinking sand. It won’t save me. It can’t be trusted. My trust is in You. Forgive me for setting up false idols. Forgive me for ever trusting in me. I need You for everything. I love You, Lord.”

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