With or without Me

“I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction.” Joshua 7:12

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Joshua 7-8 & Psalm 69 & 1 Corinthians 5)

The Israelites had just lost a battle that figured to go the other way because of the Israelites numerical strength.

Joshua was devastated and talked as if the Lord had abandoned the Israelites. God explains to Joshua that disobedience to His instruction (no looting) had occurred during the battle and He had left them to fight without Him.

So now Joshua knew what had gone wrong and he also knew that God was not going to be with them until they cleansed the camp of the wrong-doer. Joshua took care of it and then the Israelites took on the forces at Ai and won.

God does not use dirty vessels. My life must be clean before Him. It is easy to spot sin in the lives of others but difficult to recognize it in my own life. With unequivocal certainty I know that I have not stopped being a sinner even though I am a believer.

Sometimes awareness of my sins is immediate. It’s said and I know I shouldn’t have said it. Other times the sin festers for a while until I get to the same juncture Joshua and the Israelites got to: Do something about it or I am not with you. How direct is that!

I must perpetually endeavor to be clean before Him. I want to be lined up with His game plan. My ways are folly!

“Lord, reveal to me my sins so that I can confess them to You and others and be restored to You. I need You near me in all circumstances. I love You, Father.”

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