God changes hearts

“God changed Saul’s heart.” 1 Samuel 10:9

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – 1 Samuel 8-10 & 2 Corinthians 10)

Who can deny that God is in charge?

How silly of any of us to assume that control is in our hands.

As I read through the Bible I am taking note of instances where God takes over people. It has been happening regularly!

Saul, like so many Old Testament characters, is found by God. And God gives Saul the capacity to handle the task assigned to him by changing his heart.

It wasn’t Samuel who changed Saul’s heart. A lesson for me is that God changes hearts I don’t.

I can think of many in my midst who need God in their lives. I want them to have God in their lives and I pray that they do but ultimately God has the final word on them. That does not mean that I disengage from the process. I must stay engaged by prayer and God-directed actions. God may use me in the process of someone’s surrender to Him.

There is no one beyond God’s reach. I think of the resistant Gideon. In Saul’s case he faced his coming out as leader by hiding in a collection of supplies.

I must be willing to function in whatever capacity God has for me. But I must insist that God be with me. What a disaster in the making to venture ahead without Him!

“Lord, fill me with You. Lead me, guide me in what You want me to do. I ask for the transformation that comes from surrendering entirely to You. Forgive me for overestimating life’s obstacles and underestimating You. You change hearts. You elevate whom You choose to elevate. There is nothing beyond You. I love You, Father.”

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