Pure in heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – 1 Samuel 20-21 & Psalm 34 & Matthew 5)

I will see what I am able to see.

If I go to a basketball game I am sure that I will see “more” than the first-time attendee. Why? Because I have been to many basketball games.

The same is true with the things of God. The more immersed in Him I am the more I will see as He does.

There is also the issue of purity. That has to do with motives. Why am I doing what I am doing? Even if it is a Godly thing it can be done for ungodly reasons. Am I expecting recognition and will be disappointed if it doesn’t come?

My motive in any activity should be to please God.

If I receive commendation am I willing/quick to defer the credit to God? How well do I share credit?

Sadly, often I absorb the full dose of credit giving God nothing. This verse is a stinger in that case. It reveals that I have a “heart” problem.

Can I ever do something with the motive that I don’t get credit for it? Am I willing to do something solely because it is Godly?

“Lord, forgive me for ever thinking I can do good things in my own strength. Having You running my life is the key to righteous living. Take over all of me. Prick my conscience when my motives emerge so that I can make corrections. I love You, Father.”

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