Family blessing

May 4th sunrise along the Merrimack River

May 4th sunrise along the Merrimack River

“Now be pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue forever in your sight.” 2 Samuel 7:29

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 7 & 1 Chronicles 17 & Psalm 2 & Matthew 20)

David asks God to bless his family.

Good advice for every believer.

I need to remember that God loves my family more than I do.

I also need to remember that His omnipresence enables Him to be right where they are at this minute. Therefore, I don’t have to dispatch Him to where my family is at this moment.

God’s blessing does not assure me that there won’t be family troubles. Our free will provides opportunity for good and for evil.

When I join God with my family I put myself into a position where there may be special ways for me to be involved as His representative.

I want to be filled with Him. I want that “filling” to be overflowing so that those immediate and those in the distance will note Him not me.

“Lord, I thank You for my family. I ask, as David did, that You would bless them. I also ask that You will make me ready and willing to interact with them to Your glory. Thank You, Father.”


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