“for which I am an ambassador.” Ephesians 6:20

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Song of Solomon 1-4 & Ephesians 6)

Paul was in jail but that didn’t change him.

Paul didn’t care where he was. He believed that He was to represent God wherever he happened to be.

I need to have the same attitude. Wherever I am is the place where I must represent Him.

My struggle, among many, is to represent Him in the most familiar place I exist……..where I live.

Not every place I will be in will be pleasant. There may be stalled traffic or unkind folks but my task remains…..represent Him.

How do I represent God? I use His Words and think His Thoughts. I try to duplicate His actions.

I must pray for those in my midst. That will help me to stay mindful of them.

“Lord, I love You. I want to rightly represent You in everything and in every place. Help me, Lord!”

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