North Bridgton peony

North Bridgton peony

“Train yourself to be Godly.” 1 Timothy 4:7

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – 2 Kings 8-9 & 2 Chronicles 21 & 1 Timothy 4)

One of my commentaries said of this verse, “You can’t drift into Godliness.”

I can’t expect to be “me” and become Godly. I need to be actively pursuing God.

How’s that done?

  • Reading the Bible regularly,
  • Praying without ceasing,
  • Gathering with, and learning from, believers.

Those require discipline. They require a determination. They require the realization that my life is a gift from God and that I will be accountable for what I do with it.

How easy it is to drift along in life. Things are going well and I assume that I must be doing what God wants me doing. I get comfortable in my godlessness. And then a crisis arrives. Sickness. Family issue. You name it, the alarms go off. And one thing those alarms bring to my attention is that my proximity to God is not what it should be.

How foolish of me to let things get to that point. I want to become a mature believer. I want His Word to be my words and thoughts. I want to think God-like instead of godlessly. It is all so basic. Why do I so often slide away from Him?

“Lord, I have wasted so much time. I want to be Godly yet I continue to train as if it doesn’t matter if I’m Godly or not. I have so many resources that would help me. There are so many junctures in which I am making the worldly choice rather than the Godly choice. Take me over, Father! I am weary of the inconsistencies in my life. I need You full-time.”

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