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hwfm-August-11“Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.” Jeremiah 7:23

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Jeremiah 7-9 & John 13)

The key word in today’s chosen verse, in my opinion, is “all.”

Why? That word eliminates any partial approach to living the way that pleases God.

It also elevates Godly living to ongoing. I won’t be getting all I need to know in one sitting.

The struggle often is one of selective obedience. Great emphasis is placed on some commands while others are of less interest.

I find that I get a clear estimation of my level of obedience to God when things in life don’t go my way. If my mood swings with conditions, then my level of obedience to God is exposed. There is no Scripture that I can use to confirm situation-based joy.

This verse promises a reward for obedience. “Things will go well.” That doesn’t mean necessarily that things will go the way I want.

It is easy to think that if I am Godly then I will get my way. Not so. God’s Ways are not my ways. I have little idea of what He wants from me. My task is to cling to Him. To beg Him to lead me. To beg Him to correct me. To insist that He overwhelm me with His Presence.

How disappointing it is to be exposed as godless. To witness how meager my trust in Him actually is. To come face-to-face with my Pharisaic behavior.

God’s Words of anger against Israel and Judah at times seem remote. I wonder how they could have missed what God had for them. I wonder how they could have forgotten all that He had done for them and all the promises for the future that were in place. But then as I look at my own life I suddenly realize that disobedience to God comes in a multitude of ways.

The saints of another era would look at my lifestyle and surely question my actual connection to God. Why, they would ask, does he not see the evil of his ways? Why does he not understand God’s commands? Why does he think that God is unaware of his heart? When will he cross over to being full-time Godly?

“Lord, forgive me for missing what I really am in Your Sight……an ongoing sinner. I want, instead, to be an ongoing, obedient follower of Your’s. Cleanse me of sin. Open my mind to Your Word. I read it regularly but my life is not reflective of its truths. Prick my conscience. Saturate me with You, I beg.”

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