What’s he talking about!

hwfm-Sept-3“Then I said, ‘Sovereign Lord, they are saying of me, ‘Isn’t he just telling parables?’” Ezekiel 20:49

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Ezekiel 20-21 & Psalm 111 & Revelation 8)

Ezekiel was preaching gloom-and-doom to those in Jerusalem. Some of them didn’t want to hear, while others listened but thought Ezekiel meant something else.

The folks in today’s verse have told Ezekiel that he couldn’t mean what he’s saying. They are sure that there is an underlying message that Ezekiel hasn’t revealed to them yet.

Some things in Scripture are indeed hard to figure out. I’m reading through Revelation this month. There are unusual creatures and moons and other things being mentioned. I’m not sure what any of that means although to some in our day it is very clear.

I think that the Ezekiel passage is different because some of what he has been saying is very clear. “Repent, you’re about to be taken over!”

Because they don’t understand something they reject Ezekiel’s whole message.

Many in our world do the same thing. They get a mini-idea about what’s in the Bible and reject the message of the Bible completely because of it. If you tell them that you believe that the Bible is true they quickly drag you into a verse that has been controversial, hoping to dissuade you.

My “problem” with the Bible isn’t over what I don’t understand. It’s over what I do understand and am having trouble obeying.

“Lord, I thank You that You love me. I thank You for the understanding of Your Word that You have given me. I want to understand more. Help me do it I beg, Father. Guide me O thou great Jehovah.”


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