God hears

“You boasted against me and spoke against me without restraint, and I heard it.” Ezekiel 35:13

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Ezekiel 33-35 & Revelation 18)

God’s hearing is unbelievable.

He hears everything………….whether we intend for Him to hear or not.

I have had instances in which as the words are flowing out of my mouth I am wanting desperately to get them back unsaid before they do damage. I am often unsuccessful at it.

In some ways that “problem” is a good one because it means that I am conscious of what I’m saying even though I wish I wasn’t saying it.

I have had other times when words I’ve used come back to me hours/days later and I get insight into how unfortunate it was that I said them.

If I am as close to God as I should be, the words I use will be His Words not mine. That’s why when the words are wrong they are coming from someone who has gotten loose from God. When it gets to be hours/days before the realization of wrong words kicks in them the looseness from God is significant.

The Edomites had no use for God at all so you can imagine the things that they said and they weren’t worried about the consequences.

Jeremiah brings the Word from God that the Edomites’ words are known to Him. Consequences will follow.

My life must be lived close to God. The Holy Spirit must fill every part of my being since I have surrendered all of me to Him. I must be totally alert to any straying away on my part from this total commitment so that I can make instant corrections.

“Lord, I always want Your Words to be my words. I know You hear and so do the people the words are directed to so they must be right in Your Hearing. Overwhelm me with the Holy Spirit. I give all of me to Him. Break down the doors of any parts of me that are closed to the Holy Spirit’s influence. Speak to me, Father, for I am listening for Your Voice.”


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