God is in my midst

“The Lord is at your right hand, he will crush kings on the day of his wrath.” Psalms 110:5

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Ezekiel 36-37 & Psalm 110 & Revelation 19)

God is with me now and forever.

What an awesome thought!

I must be aware of God’s nearness. I must never live apart from Him.

I long to see/hear/speak as He does. I believe that if my being is entirely given to His indwelling Holy Spirt it will happen.

Struggles in my life are clear indicators of my closing parts of myself to the Holy Spirit’s leadership.

Think of this in regard to hearing. I hear someone say something. What will those words sound like to me if my hearing is Spirit-filled as opposed not being spiritually filled? The difference is significant to say the least!

I (too) often run into trouble in my midst over the way I hear, see, and speak. I must be quicker at recognizing what I have let happen and then in God’s strength to change.

This will never be a one-and-done deal. It must be ongoing with frequent checks on my seeing, hearing, and speaking.

“Lord, so often I lessen Your Holy Spirit’s grip on my life. Forgive me. I yearn to do better.   Prick my conscience when I get loose from You. Get my attention. I want to live entirely for You especially in my midst. Not for the praise of them but so that You are honored as You should be. Help me, Father, I plead!”hwfm-Sept-14


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