Praise Him!

“My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord.” Psalm 145:21

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Ezekiel 38-39 & Psalm 145 & Revelation 20)

Wouldn’t that be wonderful if it did!

My words give away the condition of my heart.

I crave to have every word I say please Him.

How often I wish that there was time for review before words are released. Then there would be time to reject the words that are ungodly.

I have so much to be praising God for. Why do I do it so infrequently? My suspicion is that my eyes and ears aren’t conditioned to see and hear as God sees and hears therefore I miss a lot of the praiseworthy things in my midst.

The distance between what God would do and what I am doing must be unnoticeable. But is it? Sadly, it is, far too often.

How can I close that gap? (1) I need to deliberately give the Holy Spirit free rein in every part of me. In fact, I must insist on it! (2) I need to be flooded with God’s Words. I want His Words handy in my mind for all situations. Sounds like a renewed effort at Scripture memorization to me.

I like the direct approach of today’s verse: “My mouth WILL speak in praise….”

“Lord, I surrender to You. I want the words of my mouth to please/honor You. Get my attention when my words misrepresent You so that I can repent. There are so many wonderful things in Your Word. Help me to get them into my head and then into my conversations. You are a great God!”hwfm-Sept-15


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