Realize and React

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Zechariah 10-12 & Psalm 126 & Luke 14)

I need to have both in place.

One part of today’s chosen verse refers to recognizing the things God is doing in my midst. The other part is my reaction to what God has done.

It is quite possible to have one in place and not the other.

My suspicion is that far too often I am aware of God’s working but my reaction to His deeds is nowhere suitable. I get “under joyed.” I react as if something lesser has happened.

If I have His eyes and ears, I will have plenty of God’s “great things” collecting in my thinking. There would be no shortage of them!

Why would I react insufficiently? Sometimes I am not clearly convinced that God was in the details of what happened. Sometimes I am apprehensive about what type of reaction I will get when I show joy over what God does.

Both “sometimes” are of the Devil. He will do anything to lessen my expressions of joy to God’s deeds over what I’ve recognized as God’s workmanship.

“Lord, fill every part of me with the Holy Spirit. I surrender now to the Holy Spirit. I’ll know that I’m filled with the Holy Spirit when I become more aware of what You are doing and also when my joy over Your deeds reaches the overflowing level. Thank You Lord for revealing Yourself in my midst over and over again. There is no one like You.”

Are you acceptable to God?hwfm-oct-1

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