“He wanted to see who Jesus was….” Luke 19:3

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Esther 9-10 & Luke 19)

Zacchaeus could have ignored Jesus entirely.

The crowds were large that were following Jesus in Jericho. The locals wouldn’t have been too pleased to have a hated tax collector in their midst. And then there was the problem of his size.

All good reasons to stay home and find out later what happened.

But Zacchaeus WANTED to see Jesus and he wanted to see him badly. So he ignored the obstacles and pressed ahead.

I need that same drive in my own life and maybe you do too. I need to be connected to God and I need to overcome the obstacles to doing it.

Maybe it’s work. Oh, the long hours and the late nights. No time for God in that agenda, so you think. But God is well worth fitting in.

I think of folks who drive a lot as part of work. What do they do with their “car” time? Is the radio on? Are they looking for entertainment? How about listening to Christian music? How about listening to someone reciting Scripture? Or how about just praying? Closing the eyes is not being suggested! But some serious praying can get done while on the road.

The key point is wanting to see God in my midst. If I let the obstacles obscure Him from me then the Devil has won the day. If I persist, as Zacchaeus did, the result will be a connection to God Almighty. Who wouldn’t want that?

“Lord, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for the role models You exhibit therein. Zacchaeus wanted to see You and I do too. I want my awareness heightened of Your Presence in my midst. I want to see You. Enable me cast out the distractions and made a distinct connection to You. I love You, Father.”

Are you acceptable in God’s sight?hwfm-Oct-6

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