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“But out of reverence for God I did not act like that.” Nehemiah 5:15

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Nehemiah 5-6 & Psalm 146 & Luke 23)

The more I read about Nehemiah the more I am exposed to his role-model qualities.

Nehemiah’s motivation in life was to please God. He respected God so much that he wanted to do whatever God wanted him to do. Good stuff!

What motivates you and me? Do we check out the borders and make sure we don’t cross them? Or are we flat-out selfish in our decision making.

My walk with God must be shoulder-to-shoulder and in step. If I’m there, then what God wants me to do will not be a mystery to me. I won’t be getting behind and getting ahead and missing out on His insights.

If I am filled with His Holy Spirit, I will be taught what is right. Of course, appropriate action must follow.

Nehemiah made sure that his course of action fit into God’s plans. The issue around today’s chosen verse is whether or now Nehemiah as Governor should be getting rewarded for the work he was doing as Governor. Previous leaders had cashed in big-time on the backs of the locals. Nehemiah chose not to do that sort of thing because he knew that it was ungodly.

How did Nehemiah know God’s will? In the first four chapters there were several instances in which Nehemiah prayed to God for insight.

“Lord, I need You every second. Without You I fall apart. How well I know that! Fill me, Holy Spirit. I give You every part of me. May my eyes and ears, see and hear as You do. May my words be Your Words, I beg. Take me over NOW!”

Are you acceptable to God?

+18 – Too much junk in the temple.


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