He’s going nowhere!

“After arresting him, he put him in prison, handing him over to be guarded by four squads of four soldiers each. Herod intended to bring him out for public trial after the Passover.” Acts 12:4

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Job 6-8 & Acts 12)

Herod wanted to make sure that Peter didn’t escape from prison so he had round-the-clock crews of four guards watching him.

There was no way that Peter could escape. BUT GOD had other plans.

What were Peter’s friends doing? They were hiding, probably fearing that their fate might be like James (killed) or like Peter (imprisoned with the likelihood of death).

But we must not limit what his friends were doing to hiding. They were also, “earnestly praying to God for him.” This is what is called, “Praying to the Highest Power.” No doubt they couldn’t imagine, from human perspective, how Peter could get out of jail but they prayed for Peter anyhow.

God’s Ways are above and beyond our ways. We are so limited and short-sighted when it comes to what He can do. We read of Jesus calming the sea and then fall apart when a storm comes into our lives. “O we of little faith!” And I could also add, “O we of little memory!”

I love the Rhoda part of the story. Peter is led out of prison by an angel and arrives where Rhoda and other believers are located. Fear is everywhere and the locked-in believers fear a knock on their door. But one comes. Rhoda answers it, sees Peter, and leaves him locked outside while she tries to tell those who are locked inside what she has seen outside.

I must never under-estimate God. Those mountains I see, don’t exist to Him. I must look at the collection of things Jesus did and see that He had no barriers.

I have God within me in the Holy Spirit. In Him I have the ability to see as He does and hear as He does. Therefore I can trust Him when fear assaults me. I can believe that sickness can be overcome by Him Who is within me.

Stories of great faith illuminate how weak my own faith really is. My life needs to be turned entirely over to God until I can see “mountains” the way He does. So that I can hear the opposition to Him as He does. O Lord, I need You!

“Father, I thank You that You are You. I thank You that I have Your Word as a guide. Help me to understand Your Ways. Help me to see and hear as You see and hear. Give me Your Words in every conversation I’m in this day. O Lord, do I ever need You!”

Are you acceptable to God?

+17 Progress.


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