“What shall I do, Lord?”

“’What shall I do, Lord?’” I asked.” Acts 22:10

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Job 16 & Acts 21-23)

Paul got the full dose on the Damascus Road.

Overwhelmed and blinded he was transformed by his visit from Jesus.

His question, after what happened, is an important one for every believer: “What shall I do, Lord?”

How often do I actually ask that question? The answer for me would be, “Not always.”

My tendency is to create an agenda of little things on my own. The big things are directed to Him.

A much better arrangement would be to involve God in everything. I wonder if there are times when the Lord watches me go my own way and decides to let me discover the folly of my own choices.

My life must be totally controlled by Him…….that includes every minute of it. Maybe God has better things for me rather than watching TV. Do I enter the TV watching by checking in with Him first, or do I watch TV and then wonder later how spiritually profitable was the time spent?

One of my “solutions” has been to multi-task. That way I’m doing something I should be doing along with something I would be wise not to do. Who am I fooling by that routine?

Paul’s question to Jesus was sincere. How do I know that? Jesus gave Paul an answer to his question. And then Paul chose to follow Jesus’ instructions.

When I ask God, “What shall I do?” I had better be ready to do what He says!

“Father, what shall I do with my life? I want to know. I want to get it right. Fill me with You so that Your Understanding will bubble to the surface of my lifestyle. I am weak and prone to wander off. Forgive me. I turn to You NOW and ask for direction. Show me Your Way, Father!”

Are you acceptable to God?

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