The Sabbath

“Then he said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27-28

(Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading – Job 19 & Mark 1-2)

Jesus was above the law.

The Pharisees were certain that Jesus and his disciples weren’t.

Just another of the conflicts between those who knew the law and those who knew the One who initiated the law.

Man-Made restrictions had seeped into the original Ten Commandments. In time, the restrictions became burdens to those wishing to follow them.

Instead of, “thou shall not steal,” specifics arose as to what that meant. The what-that-meant part was man created and not of God.

By violating the Pharisees’ “what-this-means” interpretation of the Sabbath, Jesus, to the Pharisees, had violated the Sabbath.

Jesus’ response is that the Sabbath is supposed to help man not restrict him to death. The disciples were hungry on the Sabbath so they ate grain that they picked. Restricting them from picking grain when they were hungry was not the intention of the Sabbath.

I need to make sure that my interpretations of Scripture do not clash with what God means. The Sabbath is an easy one to get overly restrictive on. I see people working on Sunday. I see people not in church on Sunday. Are they breaking the Sabbath? I am not the judge of it.

I find the Sabbath a perfect time to be with others who are worshipping God. Does that mean that I can’t worship God on other days? No! Should people be judged by how their behavior agrees with mine? No!

Much of Christianity is taking care of my part. Obeying God as I should in every part of my life. How others interpret something like the Sabbath is between them and God. I can wonder why they do this-and-that on the Sabbath but their final choice is between them and God.

“Lord, You are tremendous. Thank You for Your Word. Fill me with knowledge of You that I can apply in my life. Help me to be Godly wherever I am today. Bless my family. I love You, Father!”

Are you acceptable to God?

+15 – Holding steady.


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