“(He did not know what to say, they were so frightened.)” Mark 9:6

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading – Psalm 121 & Mark 9-10)

Say the first thing that comes into your head. That seemed to happen to Peter often.

How often do words escape that you wish you could have back? “Too often,” is my answer.

You let the words loose and you hear them making a good time bad and a bad time worse. You know, as a believer, that you will have to deal with the consequences of what you said afterwards.

If I am filled with God, then I believe that I will always have the “right” words ready to be spoken.

The problem is that often I think I have the “right” words but instead I have “my” words. There is a significant difference!

“My” words sometimes sound pretty good but like someone leaving the trunk and venturing out on the branch, there could well be a breaking point.

Every time I mess things up verbally there seems to be a Scripture that comes to mind or one that I’m currently reading as part of this devotional. Today was the latter as I discuss someone blurting out something stupid. Peter’s idea that Elijah and Moses were equal to Jesus (“Let’s build three tabernacles.”) had no connection to anything Jesus had taught him. It was an “open mouth, insert foot” moment…………that I’ve had plenty of. I am guessing some of you have as well.

“Lord, my words continue to trip me up. No surprise because they’re not Your Words. I want to rightly represent You with every part of me. I want those in my midst to know that I love You by the way I treat them. I cannot talk trash and at the same time be a Godly representative. Clean me up, Father. I surrender to Your Holy Spirit now.)

Are you God’s enemy?

+14 – Holding steady.


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