No one deserves it

“So the last will be the first, and the first will be last.” Matthew 20:16

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Matthew 20-22.

Anyone out there thinking that they’re been good enough to deserve heaven?

On a “naughty or nice” standard, are you “nice?”

There are plenty of fine folks in this world. The Good Samaritan has a host of kindred spirits in our days.

But all that goodness won’t be enough to earn you heaven.

Those who get there will be those who realized that they didn’t deserve it! That’s right, have no right being there.

When we realize that we can never “qualify” for heaven on our own merit, no matter how significant that merit may be, we have taken the important first step to actually ending up in heaven in the eternal after-life.

Why? God is perfect. None of us are. God hates sin, in fact He can’t even look at it. “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing.” Habakkuk 1:13.

We can’t get to heaven as we are or as we have been. We need another way. And God provided it.

How? He sent Jesus to take the consequences of our sins by dying on the cross for them. Jesus shed His blood for us.   He took the punishment we deserved.

There’s no “earning” anything. The after-life in heaven has already been set up for us without our doing anything. We just have to accept the fact that Jesus removed the consequences of our sins from us. We’ve been ransomed!

So in the parable that today’s chosen verse is part of, the very good, good, bad, and very bad have the same right to heaven. There is no edge or disqualification tied to our behavior. Everyone needs to accept what Jesus did to qualify for an eternal after-life in heaven.

To get to heaven your sins must be forgiven. Do you want your sins forgiven? Accept what Jesus did…………now.

“Lord, I have little sense of who reads this blog. I put it out daily, in Your Strength, and let the “seeds” fall wherever. If there are those reading who have never accepted for themselves what You did on the cross, may they please do it now! They will be changed and instantly join the eternal after-life God praisers. I love You, Father.”

Accept His forgiveness……….now.


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