Are you using what you’ve got?

“So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground.” Matthew 25:25

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Matthew 25-27.

Every good gift is from God.

God gives us things for a purpose. They are to be used for Him.

In the parable that today’s chosen verse is part of, talents are distributed. Two folks are productive with what they’re given.   The other person makes no use of what was given.

We all have abilities of some sort. How we use them is of great interest to God.

In the parable, the inactive individual is not only sternly scolded he also loses the gift he had.

If I am not going to use what God gives me, then why should I continue to have it?

If I am going to misuse what God gives me, then it may well be taken from me.

How easy for me to lose sight of my responsibilities. I want to do things my own selfish way. I want the easy road.

A constant plea from me must be, “Lord, what do You want me doing or not doing?” Too often I start doing something and then ask for His blessing. That’s backwards.

“Lord, I beg for Your guidance in every step I take. I am weak. You are strong. You know best. Flood me with Your Holy Spirit so that Your Ways become my ways. I love You, Father.”

Are you ready for the Judgment Day?

Sunrise today along the Merrimack River.

Sunrise today along the Merrimack River.

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