Fix quickly

“and do not give the devil a foothold.” Ephesians 4:27

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Ephesians 1-4.

Smoldering anger. You go to bed with it and when you wake it is still around.

Paul tells us to let anger go early on. Don’t wait for the fire of anger to smolder for a while and then finally go out on its own.

Takes too painfully long to go through the smoldering stage.

Much of the anger I experience is at home. There is not enough space to escape it. There isn’t any way to ignore it. If it isn’t dealt with at once it will continue sometimes even worse than it was at the outset.

Anger about things away from home is different. You drive away from them and there is a non-confrontational cooling off time available. But if the problem is still there the next day the issue must get dealt with. Some folks grow to hate their jobs because something that angers them is unresolved. They nurse a grudge, or someone at work nurses a grudge, and an unsettling relationship continues as long as nothing is done about it. What a miserable experience this can create!

If God is in charge of my life, I will be slow to get angry. That doesn’t mean that I’m not capable of anger, because Jesus got angry, but my anger will be thought through.

If I am in close relationship with God, I will be long suffering. I will not be quickly riled up over things. I will see/hear as God sees and hears and thus be better enabled to respond in a Godly fashion.

The bottom line is simply that my life must be under God’s control full-time. There can be no moments of godlessness.

“Lord, release me from my frequent departures from Your leadership. I need You every second. Help me to be mindful of You the rest of this day. Prick my conscience when I am displeasing You. Forgive me of my waywardness. I love You, Father.”

God will enable you to control your anger if you will let Him.



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