Godliness at home

“Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.” Colossians 3:19

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Colossians 1-4.

When there are instructions given for husbands, I am all eyes.

Any road to full-time Christian service begins with a personal relationship with God. The next stretch of that road is found in my home among my family.

It is quite discouraging for me that in actual life I see myself getting high marks in the personal relationship with God part only to miserably fail in the life in the household part.

Something is clearly missing in my relationship to God. If my relationship to God was structured the way it is supposed to be, there would be enough of an overflow to seep into life at home.

Maybe my relationship with God is the fair weather variety? I spend quality time with God as I read Scripture and pray but these wonderful times are followed by struggles in the household. I face no trouble during my time with God but noticeable trouble during my time with family. What am I missing?

I think it is fair to say that something is wrong with the genuineness of my love. Do I really love God as I should? Am I filled with the Holy Spirit? I wonder about it because the offshoots of my time with God are negatively revealing.

I must rightly represent God in my midst. I cannot do it if my understanding of Him is limited. I cannot do it if my commitment to Him is shallow.

The recent shootings in San Bernardino brought to the surface the term, “radicalization.” The President said that the killers may have been, “radicalized.” By this he meant that the killers took what they learned and put it into deadly action. I need to be “radicalized” in a good way when it comes to my relationship to God.

My closeness to God MUST produce evidence within my household or it is a fraud!

“Lord, I want the full dose of You. I want so much of You that those around me know that something Godly has happened to me. I thank You for giving me a family. Empower me to be the Godly head of it, I pray.”

Only total surrender to God will make things work at home.



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