Jesus as role model

“Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book.” John 20:30

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: John 19-21.

The Bible doesn’t tell us everything that Jesus did…..but we do get the idea!

Jesus was full-time Godly. Thus a steady flow of Godly deeds and words would follow.

I always hope to apply Scripture to myself and possibly to this blog’s readers. I learn from this Scripture that I miss out on so much when I allow my life to drift away from His total leadership.

I must have God in charge of my life 24/7. I far too often learn the hard way about living my life otherwise.

I continue to struggle with bad reactions to the unexpected. I can be awfully smooth spiritually when things are smooth. Bring on a sudden change that impacts me and all bets are off.

I think of insistent Peter with the Lord and at ease with how things would go in the future. But along came an unexpected future and down the drain his relationship to Jesus went as a nearby rooster crowed for the third time. The downhill slide happened so fast. No doubt Peter was confident in his relationship with Jesus but it did no good when the unexpected occurred. Why? Peter was standing on his own strength and that house of cards quickly fell down in a most inglorious way.

And so too for me as well. I will NEVER be able to stand alone. My only hope is to be continually understanding my emptiness apart from Him. I need to be attached to Him as a productive branch is to a vine.

Every recent meltdown of mine has featured almost instant realization that I have stopped practicing the presence of God in my life. Easy solution: Never stop practicing the presence of God!

“Lord, I thank You for insights. I thank You for presenting me with the obvious: I need to be mindful of Your presence within me and live accordingly. Forgive me for drifting apart from You. It never is worth it spiritually. I love You. I want You controlling my every move in every situation. Prick my conscience when I mess this up. You are a God of great mercy indeed!”

I must be glued to my Leader.


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