“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

(Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Psalm 117 & Psalm 119:81-176 & 2 John & 3 John.

They mean so much to us.

We raise them and take responsibility for them.

We long to have them become believers. We pray for them often in that regard.

And they might not be our physical children but to us they are ”our” children.

John refers in today’s chosen verse to a young man named Gaius. John is excited about the good spiritual things that are happening in Gaius’ life.

I must be a Godly influence to everyone in my midst. Regretfully, there are too many misrepresentations of God by me. I venture from over-spiritualizing to under-spiritualizing depending on where I am. That shouldn’t be!

I need to be saturated with God and therefore know how to act in each and every situation. There are times when God expects me to speak up for Him. Other times it should be, “show up and shut up.” Knowing the difference depends on my relationship to God. That connection will enable me to get it right.

“Lord, I give You my life right now. I let go of the controls. I thank You for the family you have given me. Protect them from the evils of this world. Open their hearts to You. Send folks into their lives that will be Godly role models. Enable me to be Godly wherever I am. Forgive me for conniving as to how “being Godly” should be. Forgive me, I beg. I love You, Father.”

How badly I need God in control when I am in the midst of my family!




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