Do you crave praise?

“Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.” Luke 6:26

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Genesis 15-17 & Luke 6.

How do you react when someone praises you for something you did? How much pleasure does it give you?

Check those things out in your life and you’ll get a good sense of what the foundation of your life is.

If you are seeking praise, you will get a real sense of inner inflation when it finally shows up. You may even think, “It’s about time.”

If the praise comes as a surprise, you may be sensitive to how good that praise made you feel.

In any case, the desire for praise can become an addictive drug. You just have to have it and you will try to find ways to get it.

That is why this verse starts with, “Woe.” It could have started with, “Whoa!” Why? I need to stop craving the praise of others. Why? Because the praise from earthlings can become a counterfeit god…..I’m okay if I’m liked. Others won’t always like me. Others won’t always reward me rightly.

My goal, as a believer, must be to please God in everything I do. I must seek His will and do it in His strength.

If I equate it to loving someone, I must realize that earthlings will not always love back to the degree that I love them. With God I am involved with the perfect Lover. He is ALWAYS mindful. His love is an everlasting love.

One of the hardest things I face is to do something good with no intention of being praised for it. No one is watching me pick up trash along the roadside so why bother doing it. Pitiful attitude! God is watching and knows my heart. If I pick up trash and only He and I know about it, then that is more than enough. It will be our happy little secret.

I must learn to turn praise by earthlings to God. As in most things in my life, my biggest struggle often is reacting rightly. If my life is filled with the Holy Spirit, then I will respond with Words of God not my shallow words.

“Lord, this Scripture has hit me where I live. I crave praise. I love the sound of it. And how foolish of me to seek men’s praise. The only praise that matters is Your praise. The rest is sinking sand. Temporary gratification. O Father, rearrange me into Your image. Eliminate the spiritual shallowness. Keep reminding me of the verse in John: “Peter, son of John, do you love me?” If I respond that I love God, then I must rightly live out that love. Help me, God, I beg!”

The praise of earthlings is dangerously addictive.

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