Where’s the proof?

“But wisdom is proved right by all her children.” Luke 7:35

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Genesis 18-19 & Psalm 3 & Luke 7.

It is what you do next that counts.

I can tell you that I am an accomplished chef but it may not be so.

I can tell you that God is in control of my life but it also may not be so.

How do we get to the truth?

My cooking “ability” would be quickly exposed after you had a week of breakfasts with my wife and I. Yes, I did make the bacon or cook the sausages. Yes, I did make the scrambled eggs, or the cheese omelet. I was the one that made the pancakes. But after those three breakfasts comes more of the same. You would soon realize that far from “accomplished” I could be labeled a three-trick breakfast pony at best.

The same works around declarations of loyalty to God. Just hang around such a person for a while. Watch them when things are going good but better yet peak in on the dicey times.

Does their love for God come-and-go? Do they operate at some degree of levelness? Not too high and not too low.

The fruit gives away the tree type. Since speech is the overflow of the heart, my words will tell you plenty about my commitment to God.

I must be in a steady relationship with God. He must dominate me in all scenarios.

“O Lord, I am a failure. I want to do yet I don’t. I want to avoid yet I fall in. Father, help me. Take me over. Force me to know when my lifestyle betrays my relationship with You. I want to please You. I cannot do it without Your help. You are my God.”

What evidence is there that you’re a believer?

+11 – Turkey dinner but did I need the roll?





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