Would you please stop talking and listen!

“And astonished by his answer, they became silent.” Luke 20:26

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Genesis 49-50 and Psalm 8 and Luke 20.

Maybe that is part of our problem: We never get to the point where we’ll shut up and listen.

God wants to speak to believers. He wants fellowship.

Think of your relationship to God. Is it in any way like your relationship to a close friend?

You get together with a close friend. Your conversation is two-way. He talks, you talk. He listens, you listen.

And then there’s our relationship to God. For most of us it is very one-sided. We just aren’t listening.

The beauty of this verse was that the listeners reached the point where they had nothing more to say. I need to reach that point with God.

Instead of dispatching Him, I need to listen to Him. It is better for me to be dispatched by Him, anyhow.

The Pharisees are the bad guys of the New Testament. We note their arrogance. We note their hatred for Jesus.

But before we jump on them too much, are we not very similar to the Pharisees? Our actions reveal people who choose their own ways rather than God’s. We constantly assume that we are better than we really are in God’s sight.

I must downsize myself before God. I have nothing He doesn’t already have. I can’t make Him “better” by what I do. On the other hand, He can do much for me but am I willing to find out what He wants from me? Will I stop chattering and planning and listen to Him?

God speaks to us in many ways. I would suggest that those ways are often lost in the fog of our own thoughts. Will I shut up and, instead, show up to where I can hear His Voice? I had better!

“Lord, this one hits home. I have too many distractions going on. I must be totally open to You. I must eliminate my pre-conceived notions about what I should be doing or not doing. I want to hear from You as to what I should be doing or not doing. There is no better Director for me to be tuned in to. Expose the Pharisee in me so that I can be aware of it and do things differently. O Lord, how do You put up with me? Your mercy and grace are unfathomable.”

Does God ever get an opening to talk to You?

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