If you’re not praying, you’re probably straying!

“’Pray that you will not fall into temptation.’” Luke 22:40.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Exodus 3-4 and Luke 22.

One way to stay out of temptation is to stay away from where temptation is. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t be near access to food.

Jesus knew what was coming. People were going to arrest Him and take Him away. He realized that when it happened His disciples might be tempted to abandon Him and what He stood for.

He was right. Trouble came and the disciples left.

God knows my future. If He’s telling the disciples to pray, I suspect that the message could be relayed to me as well.

I mention often that the area of my life that seems to be most out of His control is reactionary times. Something happens that I haven’t scripted into my life and, like the disciples, I “run” from what I should do.

Jesus’ solution is to pray. Note that the praying should be done before the problem arrives. Since I don’t know the future, I would do best if I was constantly praying.

“Lord, I need a relationship with You that is ongoing. It can’t be up and down. I handle change poorly because my walk with You fluctuates. Help me to change that. Help me to stay in Your Presence the rest of this day. You are well worthy of my full connectedness to You. Thank You, Father, for letting me be close to You.”

If you’re not praying, you’re probably straying.

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