Eyes wide open

“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him….” Luke 24:31

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Exodus 9-11 and Luke 24.

I saw a video in church today that included testimonies from those attendees who were being baptized. I was struck by the appearance and words of one young lady in particular. The girl looked dazed to me at first glance. As she spoke she revealed that she had recently let loose her restraining emotions and turned completely to God. She was a newbie in Christ! The hold-backs had been let go as the doors of her life were opened to God. It was glorious to see/hear.

I know in my own life experience that I have been where she is. When I was a kid, my eyes/mind were finally opened to my need of a Savior and the urgency of doing something about that need. I realized that I was a sinner separated from God with an eternal future apart from Him. I recognized my sinfulness. I asked for His forgiveness. I thanked Him for dying for my heaven-separating sins. I surrendered my life to Him. I felt such a relief that I had done this. I had jumped off the deep end of the pool and I was swimming.

Later, after years of being a believer in what Jesus had done on the cross for me, I realized that I was not living the life of someone attached to God. He was my Savior but wasn’t my Lord. I ran my own life. We had a relationship at my convenience. When “my eyes were opened” as today’s verse says, I knew that I needed to change. I let my restraining emotions go and poured my heart out over my part-time relationship with Him. I wept as I gave Him me.

I know clearly that my “eyes” must always be opened when it comes to God. I often get to junctures where I know that I am living like a blind man, not seeing God in what I do.

The process must be active and on-going. My thoughts at the start of each day must be: “Lord, what do You want me doing today? Direct me to things as well as away from things as this day unfolds. In my midst, help me to see and hear as You do.”

The men in today’s story knew of Jesus but until He opened their eyes they didn’t really know Him. Would that He would open our eyes so that our relationship with Him is up-to-date and Godly productive.

“Lord, another direct hit today. Thank You for the church girl’s demeanor and words. Bless her as she comes to grips with the workings of a Godly life. Help me, Father to get it right in my relationship with You. Help me to narrow down my planning and be open to Your leading. I need my eyes open to what You want from me. Guide me, O thou great Jehovah, I beg!”

Are you aware (Are your eyes open?) to your need to have God as your Savior and Lord?

+9 – steady but high


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