Will I speak out? Will I listen?

“Moses’ father-in-law replied, ‘What you are doing is not good.” Exodus 18:17

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Exodus 17-20 and Acts 3.

Talk about NOT being intimidated!

Moses’ father-in-law (Jethro) saw something that wasn’t right and didn’t hesitate to clearly state to Moses what it was.

How often do we see wrong and say nothing? Usually this happens, in my opinion, when those doing wrong are more important (in our estimation) than we are. We don’t want them to get upset with us so we don’t dare call attention to something that needs fixing.

But then on the other end of it was Moses. He seemed quite certain that he alone was supposed to handle all the disputes within the Hebrew community. This turned into an all-day activity.

Jethro could see that Moses was doing too much. He could see that Moses would burn out, so he called it to his attention.

How well do I receive suggestions/criticism from others? I would be embarrassed to answer that one out loud!

Notice how Jethro is different from the typical critic. Instead of just notifying someone that things aren’t good, Jethro gave Moses some thought-through remedies. That is a whole lot different from just being a critic, can’t you see?

Points? If I am in right relationship with God, He will want me to represent Him in words and deeds. I must have the approach of the Good Samaritan: I will unplan my life and say/do what You want. If I have God’s Words then they will be suitable for each situation.

I need to listen to others, especially the Godly in my midst. Moses had every right to think that he shouldn’t be listening to humans for advice. However, God put Jethro in Moses’ life to help him solve a time-management problem. Am I open to God’s messengers trying to do the same thing in my life?

“Lord, much for me here. Will I give Godly advice? Will I receive Godly advice? Clean me up so that so You can have Your entire way with me. Forgive me for making it difficult to be in Your Will. For missing so much of what You have for me. How You could continue with me is a great mystery to me. I love You, Lord. Help me to live it out this day.”

Will I rightly represent God in the way I take advice and also when I give advice?

+9 – That is much better!



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