Doing what you’re supposed to do

“……as the Lord commanded him.” Exodus 40:23

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading; Exodus 39-40, Psalm 15, and Acts 12.

Fifteen times in Exodus 39-40 the chosen verse appears.

The “him” is Moses.

Moses was assigned the task of getting everything set up so that the Israelites would have a place to worship God as they traveled to the Promised Land.

Fifteen times we learn that Moses did just as he was told. He didn’t “sort of” do it. He did everything that God told him to do in exact fashion.

What a lesson for us, don’t you think? In so many things we know exactly what God wants us to do. But will we get it do exactly as He requests?

Too often we ignore God. We know what He wants yet we choose an alternate means. He wants us at a prayer meeting but we, instead, chose to stay home and pray there. He wants full rein of our time but, instead, we make plans and have the audacity to invite Him along.

God is not mocked and we are fools to think otherwise.

My life must be totally committed to doing what He wants. Moses sets the standard in the Exodus 39-40 accounts.

God knows what is best for me. Why would I function as if I have a better idea? When I disobey Him that is exactly what I am doing. “I know better on this one, Father.”

“Lord, the Israelites drove You crazy. I hesitate to condemn them because so often I switch my loyalty to counterfeit gods. I must learn from Moses and do everything as You wish. I must be constantly listening for Your instructions. I must often be where I can receive Your Will. O Lord, have patience with me. I love You and You know my heart in this matter. Help me. Guide me. I love You, Father.”

“What do you want me to do, Father,” is an important start.  Doing exactly what He reveals to you is even more important.

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