His Presence

“The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, ‘Take courage!’” Acts 23:11

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Leviticus 26-27, and Acts 23.

What an encouragement to Paul this must have been, don’t you think.

God is near Paul and God is speaking to him.

God is omnipresent so as He was near to Paul He was also near to every other believer.

I am able to hear God’s voice. How? I hear His voice in my thoughts when I am close to Him. His voice is not high-pitched or low-pitched, it is just words of advice. “Do this,” or “Stop doing this.”

The “Do this,” is the memorable one because I have not thought to do what is mentioned. The advice is not short of risks but it is the right thing to do.

In Paul’s case, the situation is a troubled one. And in this situation God is encouraging Paul. His Words are that Paul will get where He wanted him to go.

My walk with God must be close and ongoing if I want His Words. When I am open to Him, and earnestly seeking His guidance, there will come His Wisdom.

I can be assured that He is with me when I am doing His Will. His Presence is in my midst!

“Lord, help me. I am weak. You are strong. You know what I should do or not do. You know where I should go or not go. I surrender to Your lead. Direct my path. Show me. Talk to me. I love You, Father.”

If you are a believer, God is always with you.  Do you recognize His Presence?



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