Living right

“I have not done any wrong to the Jews.” Acts 25:10

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Numbers 3-4, and Acts 25.

Paul was on trial and he wasn’t sure where that trial would lead.

The one certainty was that the charges against him were not true. In an age of toleration, Paul would have been entitled to his opinion. However, to Paul’s accusers, there was no such thing as free speech.

It is important that we live the way we should in the world. God is not going to make use of people who claim to follow Him but violate the rules of the society He has put in place.

When Jesus was asked about paying taxes He asked whose face was on the coins. It was Caesar. “Then pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s….”

We should be model citizens. We need to live in the confidence that we are doing our part to make things good. We can’t be the folks everyone complains about: “Why don’t they mow their yard?”

Being Godly does not always make it easier for us. Paul was Godly and he had already been in jail for two years on non-existent charges.

Paul did not fear to tell the truth because He knew that His Comforter was with him. Paul was happy to suffer for Christ.

If I am living a Godly life and things are difficult I can be sure that God knows my plight. He can change things in an instant and He will be with me even if things don’t change.

“Lord, help me to live a life in which I rightly represent You in everything. That’s probably impossible but I want to seek that goal. May the ungodly see me as a good man. May the Godly see me as Your representative in the space You have placed me in. Fill me with You, I beg. Thank You, Father for Your love.”

Are you a good person in the eyes of the world?

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