Is the Lord your shepherd?

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” Psalm 23:1.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Numbers 7, Psalm 23, and Acts 27.

What more would a believer ever need?

Most of the commentaries insist on the importance of the word, “my.” Rightly so, because “my” excludes the unbeliever.

But oh for those of us who are believers, what comfort there is!

I don’t claim to know much about sheep from first-hand experience. However, from what I’ve read, they rate highly in the unable-to-take-care-of-themselves category. Their lack of intelligence is apparently matched by their defenselessness.

We truly must be categorized the same way in God’s eyes. Think of the stupid things we do and have done. Think of how defenseless we are to sickness and other enemies.

We wouldn’t stand a chance without God being there for us. BUT He is there for us and what a great relief it is as we face life’s mountains and valleys.

A look at the end of this glorious psalm informs us that His Care does not end here on earth. There is a “forever” in our future!

He will never leave us nor forsake us.

If God has promised to supply all my needs, why do I get so uptight over things that happen or things that I don’t have. Answer? Because I have become the sheep that chooses to wander away from the shepherd. I’m the sheep who thinks that best for him is away from the shepherd. I’m the sheep who often needs to feel the shepherd’s rod and staff in a “Get over here!” way.

“Lord, help me to “graze” near to You. Forgive me for wandering off. Going it alone. Close to you is where I need to be. Thank You for being my shepherd. I love You.”

Are you roaming life’s pasture without a shepherd nearby?  Come into the Good Shepherd’s care.

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