Are you guided by Him or your own whim?

“Whenever the cloud lifted from above the tent, the Israelites set out; wherever the cloud settled, the Israelites encamped.” Numbers 9:17.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Numbers 8-9 and Acts 28.

The Israelites are often depicted as troublesome.

We read numerous references about their wandering ways. God tells them to do something and they complain.   God promises them something and they don’t believe Him.

But this time, in today’s chosen verse, the Israelites get it right. God is using a cloud to guide them when to move and when to stop and the Israelites obey that leading.

The key words in the verse, in my opinion, are “wherever” and “whenever.” The Israelites did not dispute where they were going or when they were to stop. God’s guidance was all they needed. Good for them!

I must have the same attitude that the Israelites displayed in this story. He must lead and I must unconditionally follow.

How often do I try to lead by setting my own agenda? The answer is, “Too often.”

How often do you make a plan and then ask God to bless the plan you’ve devised without Him?

I think of the story in which the Israelites had been reprimanded for disobedience. From there they decided to do what they were supposed to do on their own terms. Then Moses was basically told by God, “Go ahead but I’m not going with You.” How often do you suppose God tells us the same thing when we plan our ways? Are we near enough to Him to hear?

I sense a need to be in constant connection to God. I don’t want to engage in activities unless those activities are in His Will.

Am I willing to be close enough to Him so that I sense the whereabouts of the “cloud” that the Israelites followed?

“Lord, thank You for stories of obedience. Role model stories. I need to be well aware of You. I cannot expect Your blessing when I am apart from You. Prick my conscience when I am astray. Give me the Godly sense to be horrified when I am apart from You. Saturate me right now with You. I love You, Father.”

If you are not obeying God, you’re heading for an eternal disaster.

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