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“’Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.’” Mark 9:35.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Numbers 30-31, and Mark 9.

The drive to get ahead permeates most of us. Then you get a Scripture like today’s in which first must never be my goal.

The goal must be to be a servant. To be the one willing to take care of others. The Good Samaritan, if you will.

My part-time job requires me to do a lot of driving. The first-thing, last-thing, really kicks in on the road.

Someone drives slowly and so you get up close to them and try to force them to go faster. You pass the slowpoke and then look back to see how old they might be!

This verse condemns that. If you’re put in a road situation in which you are behind a slower driver you should stay where you are and proceed at their pace. You might even consider praying for them………and you.

Any study of those we considered “successful” will reveal that those folks are still on the move. They aren’t satisfied where they now are.

Only God’s approval will bring us the satisfaction we need. Being in His Will must be our overriding goal. If we’re doing His Will then wherever we are, and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, we can be content.

Right where we now are is good, IF we are in His Will.

Can a “servant” be happy? You bet, if they are in God’s Will.

Our skills do not warrant an elevated impression of ourselves. Why? Everything we have is a gift of God. He arranged the circumstances that got us to the point we are now at.

I must be willing to do His Will at all times. Realizing my status without Him should cause me to fear every time I intentionally separate myself from Him.

Helping others, without hope of commendation, should be what I am about.

“Lord, it is so easy to get full of myself. How silly! Everything I have is a gift from You. I must worship You, the gift-giver. Place me where You want me to be. I love You, Father.”

The less you think of yourself the more room you have to think about God.

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