The work has been done

“Now that this faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian.” Galatians 3:25.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Deuteronomy 19-21, and Galatians 3.

We are no longer guided by the law. Should we still be obeying the law? You bet! But our eternal destination is no longer based on how well we’ve kept God’s law.

How does this work?   The law was given so that we would know that we are sinners. A standard was set such as, you should not steal, and we can see how we do.

If we have ever stolen something in your life, then we are in the “sinner” category. Note that sinners do not come in different sizes. You commit one sin and you are in the “sinner” category forever.

Before Christ came and died, there were solutions for sins. Sacrifices of various types could be offered to rid a person of sins.

Because of our sinful nature there were plenty of opportunities needed to get sins forgiven via sacrifices.

When Jesus died it was a once-and-for-all-time sacrifice for sins. His blood was shed, not some animals, to cover sins.

God’s rules are still a guide for the believer. Because we love what God did for us, when He sent Jesus to die for our sins, we are now driven to obey Him.

We, however, have passed from “salvation by performance” to “salvation by promise.” (Tim Keller terms). Jesus promised to forgive us of our sins if we believe that He died for them.

The simplicity of becoming a believer escapes so many folks.

Some want to DO something to earn an eternal after-life with God. They think that God’s plan is too good to be true.

Others delude themselves into thinking that they are “good” enough to deserve heaven. These folks won’t believe that ONE sin is enough to keep them from an eternal after-life with God.

May none of you reading this be in either of those two groups!

“Lord, You have provided a way for a sinner like me to receive an after-life with You. Thank You. Thank You. Some in this readership are still on the outside looking in. Open their hearts so that they will believe in You and receive the glorious after-life You have promised. Thank You, Father!”

You will not work/earn your way to an after-life with God.  God has already done the heavy lifting.

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