Joshua the role model

“Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground in reverence, and asked him, ‘What message does my Lord have for his servant?’”  Joshua 5:14.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Joshua 3-6, and 1 Corinthians 4.

Joshua is in the presence of God.

I love Joshua’s reactions: (1) he realizes whose presence he is in by falling facedown, and (2) he seeks God’s instruction.

God is not my celestial buddy.  He is God and I am a worthless sinner.  We are not on equal terms!

My approach to God must be in “joyful awe,” to quote Tim Keller from his, “The Songs of Jesus.”

I am delighted to be in His presence but I must realize who He is and who I am.

I want to be in God’s presence and I can do that.  I can come before Him wherever I’m located.  I must, however, not forget whose presence I am in.  Do I respect God?

I must urgently desire to know what He wants me to do, or not do.  I like the fact that Joshua gets right to that.  He could have spent all his time with God being in awe and then left without knowing what God wanted Him doing.  But he didn’t.

My life must be filled with an awareness of God in my midst and well as an intention to know what He wants me to do.

“Lord, thank You for the Bible.  Thank You for Joshua’s role-model reaction to You.  Help me to follow Joshua’s example this day.  I love You, Father.”

Joshua shows exactly how to approach God.


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