Telling God

“I cry aloud to the Lord; I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy.  I pour out before him my complaint; before him I tell my trouble.”  Psalm 142:1-2.

Verses chosen from today’s Bible reading: 2 Samuel 2, 1 Chronicles 11, Psalm 142, and Matthew 14.

David is in trouble and he knows what to do about it.

Where do we go when things get tough?

David cries out to God.  He has plenty of friends but they don’t have his attention this time.   He goes where we all must go and that is to God.

David is NOT complaining about his treatment by God.  He knows better.  David is presenting his problems to God so that he (David) will put himself and his problems before God.

David knows that God has all the answers he (David) will ever need.  This is part of aligning with God.

How easy it is to ignore God and how foolish it is to do that.  God knows and controls everything.  Why would I run to counterfeit gods for anything?

How often do I return to this theme: My life must be lived in tight relationship to God.  If I am close to Him then I won’t be thrown off so completely when life’s variables kick in.

How silly of me to have to look for God?  He doesn’t go anywhere; I just lose my attentiveness of His presence.

I want be close enough to Him to hear His voice and walk where He wants me walking.

“Lord, I need You constantly.  Forgive my inconsistencies in our relationship.  Open my eyes/ears to see/hear You.  I love You, Father.”

Present your requests to the One who can do what is right with them.

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