Running out of “Thank You, Lord’s”?

“My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long – though I know not how to relate them all.”  Psalm 71:15.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: 2 Samuel 17, Psalm 71, and Matthew 26.

Today’s chosen verse stopped me in my tracks!

How much praising of God do I actually do?

I have been keeping a Thank You notebook since last July.  Good activity I thought until today’s verse in Psalm 71 came to my attention.

It wasn’t just the part in the verse about telling (writing) about God’s goodness that I noticed.  It was the part about reaching the place where I recognize that there are so many Godly goodnesses that I don’t know how I will relate (write/tell) them all.

Today’s verse brought my limited awareness of God’s grace and goodness to my attention.  I am saddened that my current relationship to God is not one in which time is the issue when it comes to relating all that God has done (is doing) in my midst.

My problem is that I am not recognizing God’s Hand.  Too many things I assume are just there.

I walked this morning with my wife down beautiful Main Street in Amesbury along the Merrimack River.  My entry, in my Thank You book, for that experience was, “Walk with Julie.”

I missed so much!  The flowers, the trees, the birds, the river.  My ability to walk, breathe, see.  My wife being with me and talking with me.  With minimal thought, the difficulty now of “relating them all” becomes a reality as I write this paragraph.

I must better see Him in my midst.  The notebook approach can help get this started but its limitations have become obvious to me today.

“Lord, You are my God.  You have done so many good things for me that have gone unnoticed.  How dare I miss most of them!  Open my eyes/ears to You.  Forgive me.  Thank You that You love me and provide for me.  Thank You for a setting that is so comfortable.  Thank You for the space and time to write daily about You.  I love You, Father.”

If you are running out of praises you don’t know what’s you’ve got and/or how you got it.

+9 losing ground instead of something else




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