Leave others alone

“Therefore, let us stop passing judgment on one another.”  Romans 14:13.

Verse chosen from today’s Bible reading: Proverbs 22-24, and Romans 14.

It certainly is easy to judge others.

Paul doesn’t tell us to “let up.”  He tells us to “stop.”  There is a significant difference.

I have had times where I wanted so badly to reel in words that I knew would be harsh on others.  I didn’t have enough control to do it, though.

Are you not troubled by folks who specialize in finding fault?  They can never seem to be satisfied.  Why are they like that?  I am guessing that they have a superiority complex.

Where do believers fit into all of this?  It appears as if our full-time job is making sure that we are in right relationship with God.  Others are not part of our worries.  We don’t need to “help” them get things right.

Part of the conflict in Romans 14 was over interpretations of what God wanted from believers.  Paul tells us not to be a stumbling block or obstacle to others.  They may be wrong but they shouldn’t be finding it out on our initiative.  If they ask then we are to tell them.

It is not an easy thing.  You want the best for others but in some cases they need to find out the things God wants via their own relationship with God.

We should certainly be praying for others that God would bless them.  We certainly should be praying that God mold us into the best representatives of Him that we can be.

“Lord, forgive me for saying/thinking things about others that were ungodly.  Take me over.  Run my life, I beg.  You are a great God.  I love You, Father.”

Let God deal with other people.

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